Importance of Self-Care for Bridesmaids

Chances are you already know the importance of including self-care in your daily routine. Quick refresher: self-care is a stress reliever, a mood booster, and a way to keep you motivated.  Self-Care paves the way for better physical health, more self-confidence, and it allows you to better serve others when you yourself are fulfilled. So it’s easy to see how self-care becomes a non-negotiable when you’re the bride to be or a part of her team. Adding that extra layer of stress (because let’s face it, wedding planning can be stressful!) to your everyday life, along with work, homelife, parenting, etc, means you definitely need to be taking time to “fill your own cup” as the saying goes. So how do you make time for self-care when you’re on the bridesquad? Read on for all the details

6 Ways to Practice Self-Care When You’re a Bridesmaid

1. Self-Care as a Squad!

A common cliche when it comes to self-care is that it’s all about spa days, face masks and bubble baths- and while the concept of self-care is much, much deeper than those sorts of superficial things, it doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of it, too! The best part is, you can schedule this sort of self-care right into your bridesquad group time! Make the most of this time with your girls, especially during planning sessions, to do something that is both relaxing and fun and eases the stress – including the bride’s.

2. Enjoy Your Downtime

 If manicures and massages aren’t your thing, that’s OK! The point is to enjoy whatever it is you choose to do during your downtime. And if you can’t find the time, make it! Carve out some “me time” from your schedule and make it happen- whether it be a workout after a long day, time spent in the park soaking up some nature (and vitamin D!), making yourself a healthy meal or going for a walk on your lunch break. Do something- everyday if possible- that leaves you feeling refreshed, cared for and helps to maintain a healthy relationship with the most important person: yourself.


3. It’s OK to Say No

The bride is one of your closest friends and you want to do everything in your power to make sure that her special day is everything she’s always dreamed of – but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes to each and every request. There is a whole team of bridesmaids for a reason! It’s OK to delegate if a certain task isn’t your strong suit, if you’re overwhelmed, or if it’s just not something you want to take care of. Saying no and setting boundaries are important acts of self-care in all aspects of your life, but especially so when you’re a bridesmaid. Be a part of the team by taking on tasks that you feel comfortable with and that you enjoy, and ditch the guilt when it comes to saying no to other ones.

4. Prioritize Sleep

Sleep is your body’s reset process and it plays an important role in everything from your immunity, your moods, and your focus and concentration, to your memory building, decision making and creativity.  And let’s be real: you’ll need all of those things in tip top shape when you’re part of the bridesquad! Make sure you are prioritizing your sleep by giving yourself a solid 30 to 60 minutes before bed to relax and unwind. You might also think about writing in a journal, taking down some notes for your next day’s to-do list, or anything that will help you quiet your mind and thoughts when it’s time to close your eyes.


5. Don’t Neglect your Own To-Do List


When you’re busy running around completing wedding-day related tasks, it can be easy to neglect the things on your own to-do list. I might be met with some opposition on this one, but housework can be a form of self-care, too. Get a load of laundry done, clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen or go through your closet and get rid of clothing you haven’t worn in years. Look over that to-do list of yours and commit to complete one of the things you’ve been putting off. It might not be the most “fun” way to practice self-care, but chances are you’ll feel better when you’re finished.


6. Eat Well, but Don’t Drive Yourself Crazy.

Is it just me or do there seem to be treats everywhere when you’re helping plan a wedding? It’s OK to enjoy them – guilt free – as long as you make sure you’re getting the good stuff too. Try to get some veggies into each of your meals, and add lean, healthy protein to your snacks – you’ll stay fuller, longer, have renewed energy and be able to power through those planning sessions, bridesmaid dress fittings, and floral arrangement pick-ups. And don’t forget to hydrate! Drinking enough water each day is one of the most overlooked, but simplest ways of keeping your mind and body healthy, and if that’s not an act of self-care, I don’t know what is!

 Being a bridesmaid is an amazing experience where you truly bond with your bride and all her closest friends, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful. Take time to combat the added stress of being a part of a bridesquad by implementing these 6 self-care practices.









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